Experience counts
"For almost 20 years, Sallie worked hard on my staff, she has a deep respect and understanding of the rule of law. I know as a Delegate she will work hard for the people of Carroll County," Congressman Roscoe G. Bartlett, MD-6 (served 1993-2013)

"It would be my honor to serve the people of Carroll County."
- Sallie Taylor

There is more to being  a member of the House of Delegates than passing legislation -- sometime it is stopping bad bills from getting out of committee or off the floor. As a Republican Legislator in the state of Maryland, these are my priorities:


Stop the out of control spending - Just in ten years, Maryland's budget has grown from $35 Billion to $60 Billion.. outpacing population and job growth.


Keep Carroll County Safe - by funding law enforcement and

stop Democrats soft on crime and defunding policies.

Support Parents' rights - get politics out of the classroom.

Oppose CRT and "Woke" education policies that don't educate.

​​​​Demand AUDITS - starting with how the federal COVID relief money was spent. The state of Maryland went from a projected 2.8 billion dollar deficit in 2020 to a 7 billion dollar surplus in 2022. That is a lot of money being pumped into the bureaucracy and spent in a short period of time. Was it spent on one time government COVID programs, to keep businesses afloat or to create new programs that we will be paying for for years to come? The people of Maryland deserve to know that this money was not wasted.

​​​End the practice of career politicians - I am not looking for my next career and I will not take a state pension. My long held view is that elected officials SHOULD NOT receive a pension especially for a part time job. I believe this would encourage Term Limits. So...


My pledge to you, if elected, I will not take a pension and I will introduce legislation to end pensions for all elected officials. In addition, if elected, I will only seek re-election once.

I bring a life time of experiences that I want to put to work for the people of Carroll County.  I have worked for both state and federal conservative legislators so I understand the challenges of Democrat progressive majorities. I know the process. I am a CONSERVATIVE Republican. I am pro-life, pro-law enforcement, pro-business -- but most of all I am Pro-Maryland and will bring

Carroll County values to Annapolis.

Please visit the issues page where I further discuss the

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Right to Life

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NRA Rating: Sallie Taylor (AQ): A pro-gun candidate whose rating is based solely on the candidate’s responses to the NRA-PVF Candidate Questionnaire.

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Sallie Launches Campaign

January 19, 2022

On January 19, I filed to run for House of Delegates. I did not come to this decision lightly but after considerable thought.  I have never felt so strongly that our state is heading down the wrong track; that individual rights and our founding principles have become nostalgic phrases and pretty thoughts that our elected leaders sprinkle in their speeches but ignore in the legislation that they pass and the mandates that they have so easily foisted upon us.


The power of the government comes from the people. Each of us can make better decisions regarding how we spend our money, educate our children and keep healthy than any government bureaucrat or elected official.



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Join the Team!

While Maryland law permits contributions from individual citizens, businesses and corporations up to $6000 during a campaign cycle,

any amount is deeply appreciated!


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Face it ... any REAL Republican running for office needs a Tribute to President Ronald Reagan...



When the Maryland RINOs say we need to moderate to get elected, I quote Ronald Reagan … and reply, we need “A Republican Party raising a banner of Bold Colors, no pale pastels, a banner instantly recognizable for standing for certain values that will not be compromised.”


 Maryland needs a robust two-party system. Our ideas are popular all across the state. People are tired of policies that bashing the police instead of fighting crime or indoctrinate not educate our children. Folks are tired of seeing our small businesses close or move out of state because of too much regulation and being over taxed; and tired of spending programs that just plain don’t work.


As a Republican, I will stand up for parental rights, for school choice, for the unborn, law enforcement officers, small businesses and for our constitutionally protected freedom….




Remember that before Ronald Reagan came along the Republican Party was the minority party on both the state and congressional levels… It was not until the we started to distinguish our policies that we started to win nationally….


The People of Maryland are waiting… to change the tide here in Maryland….. Let's raise a Banner of Bold Colors!